By agreement of SONOSUITE, S.L.  on 29 September 2020, the following deal was adopted unanimously by the Board of Directors:

“Modify the corporate website designation of “Sonosuite, S.L.” ceasing to be located at and happens to be found at address, all with compliance with the legal and regulatory procedures and requirements.

This agreement is adopted with effect from the moment the projected deed of segregation of “Sonosuite, S.L.” is registered in the Commercial Register in favor of “La Cúpula Music Media, S.L.”

Likewise, it is reported that the deed, as mentioned above of segregation, has already been registered in the Central Mercantile Register.

In compliance with the Capital Companies Law article 11, the agreement published on the website agreed to transfer ( and for the sake of completeness in what will be the new corporate website (, for an uninterrupted period of 30 days.

According to the Law, the corporate website transfer will affect when it has been registered in the Commercial Register and published in the Commercial Register’s Official Gazette.

Barcelona, December 11, 2020. By the Board of Directors, the President, Martinus Arthur Jan van Wijck.