Use our all-in-one app to deliver your artists’ music to the world’s leading online digital music services, manage your catalogue, and pay royalties in your very own branded portal.

The Customized 

Digital Music 

Distribution Platform

Sometimes it is complicated to rely on a supplier to manage your distribution and royalty processing needs. 

Here's where we come in.

Royalty Management

Catalogue Management

Distribution to Digital Music Services



How can SonoSuite Help You

SonoSuite takes care of all the encoding work that is needed for the music to be published in the digital music services.

Our white label solution allows you to effortlessly set up a fully functioning, customized Digital Music Distribution service with Royalty Reporting on your own domain.

We Bring you the Best Technology

SonoSuite not only provides detailed royalty reports, it also allows you and your artists to combine these reports with powerful analytics

Your Brand. Your Music. Your Artists. Our Platform

No Need for a Supplier

No need to go through another company to manage your digital music catalogue, distribution or royalties.

You can control everything in one place, under your own branded domain.

Start orchestrating your digital music business in an easy, affordable way.

 SonoSuite makes it easy to bring all your digital music data and assets together in one single platform and distribute them without having to code, maintain software or have any contracts in place with digital music services.

Contact us to learn more.

Start to take control of your digital music business today.

Our Story

Since 2004, SonoSuite has been involved in research and development of flexible, scalable and affordable digital music distribution solutions.  

SonoSuite® is our white label solution which allows any music company to set up a fully functioning, customized digital distribution service on their own domain without any effort - and deliver their catalogue to the music services they choose.

SonoSuite® handles ingestion, delivery and royalty reporting for our clients through a localized, branded interface.

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