MIDEM Digital Edition: Global Indie Voices Programme

midem digital edition

MIDEM is a yearly must for the whole music industry agenda. The conference, which has been taking place in Cannes since 1967, is dedicated to helping the music industry and its partners to develop business and creativity by bringing together the key players of the music ecosystem. 

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s edition will be held online, and will be free to artists and music executives from all around the world, same way we have seen more conferences like AIM House past week. 

The Midem Digital Edition will kick off on June 2.

For the last 3 years, one of the key parts of the conference for the independent sector has been the Global Indie Voices program, in partnership with IMPALA, WIN, Merlin and IMPF, to give voice to the indie music scene and provide a global overview of the state of the independent music ecosystem. 

In preparation for this year’s digital edition, MIDEM has produced a series of interviews with key figures within these organizations, surrounding the question of which are the main obstacles that the independent sector faces around the world.

First among these series, WIN’s COO Charlie Phillips mentions that, as the industry is increasingly more driven by data and technology, the independent sector faces concerns about accessing and managing the specialized skills and talent necessary to thrive their businesses in such environment, and how joint initiatives like the RDx data exchange between WIN and IFPI help the independent sector work efficiently as a single global unit.

 Then, Merlin’s recently appointed CEO Jeremy Sirota highlights how Merlin is empowering indie labels, distributors, and management companies to navigate the complexity of today’s digital ecosystem. When dealing with an ever-increasing array of DSPs located around the world, independent music companies face several challenges regarding the understanding of specific need in their digital supply chain, data management and proper representation for deal negotiations with these DSPs.

The value gap is another important debate within the independent sector, even more now due to the music industry being relying mostly on digital revenue due to lockdown measures. Kees Van Weijen, President of IMPALA, shares his views on the current model, the impacts of tech development and market concentration between majors and the independent sector. Lastly, IMPF President Pierre Mossiat, discusses how IMPF is taking efforts to promote the expansion of the digital market, particularly in emerging territories, fighting to ensure proper remuneration to rights holders.

Exclusive workshop dedicated to independents

As part of the Global Indie Voices Program, Spotify has partnered with Midem for an exclusive workshop dedicated to independents – artists, managers, songwriters or labels and distribution companies – that will present strategies and tools to make the most out of Spotify and reach global audience. You can apply to this workshop here.

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