SonoSuite supported by the EC at Music Moves Europe framework

music moves europe

The SonoSuite distribution platform has been one of the recognised actions at Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent.

The European Commission has just announced the projects that will enjoy a grant agreement in the framework of Music Moves Europe, and we are pleased to announce that SonoSuite has been one of the recognised initiatives in the category of Online and Offline Distributions. This means that the EC considers the project as an opportunity to promote diversity and boost the circulation of European music repertoire across the Member States.

SonoSuite has been considered by the EC, among other projects, for having an innovative and sustainable distribution model that supports European music diversity; as well as being totally aligned with Music Moves Europe’s assets: creativity, diversity and competitiveness.

Music Moves Europe was born in 2015, after a dialogue with representatives from the music sector to detect the key challenges and possible ways to face them with the EU support. Since then, it has contributed to 80 music projects. In the last year, the EC has added a specific approach on music for the new Creative Europe program post-2020. It was necessary. Music generates an approximate annual revenue of €25 billion and constitutes an important pillar of each Member State’s culture. In the last decades, technology has shifted this market as we know it, especially in the distribution branch. Streaming brings the opportunity to globalize, for instance, an album composed by an indie band. The EC’s Music Move’s Europe goals are promoting creativity and innovation; safeguarding and expanding the diversity of European music and helping the sector adapt to and benefit from digitisation.

Supporting online and offline distribution projects

Music constitutes an important pillar of European culture and is strong enough to empower society and each Member State’s culture. And online distribution is part of the change. That is why the EU co-funds music projects in the context of the preparatory Action Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent.


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