Spotify announces integration with Samsung

spotify samsung
Spotify has announced a partnership with Samsung. In their statement, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that this new collaboration will allow Samsung users to live a perfect listening experience between multiple devices of the brand.
The goal of this collaboration is to make it possible for users who listen to music through Samsung devices to do so with Spotify from any device at any time, reducing friction in the transition from one device to another.
In addition, Ek says that Samsung devices – from smartphones to TVs – will have the app pre-installed.
The streaming platform will also be integrated into Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. In this way, when a user requests music from Bixby, it will turn to the app, even if that user has never used it before. This will allow users to discover new music, artists, albums and playlists.
Finally, Spotify ensures that this integration with Samsung will also help artists to reach new fans, as music will always be present in the experience of users with Samsung devices.
Samsung devices have the 30.7% from all smartphones market in the world today as Statcounter remarks. 

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