Education, streaming and marketing: the hot topics of The Great Escape 2019

the great escape 2019

The Great Escape 2019 is the festival for the new music business gathers the top of the cream of the industry…and SonoSuite will be there.

Whilst the Americas enjoys Music Biz 2019 Europe displays one of the most important festivals of the music industry at this side of the Atlantic: The Great Escape 2019. It is held in Brighton from May 9-11 to bring together thousands of professionals from all over the world to talk, learn, do quality networking and, of course, witnessing the artists that will hit the music panorama in the near future.

The news and information provider CMU (Complete Music Update) hosts three full days of conferences as part of the TGE delegate program. All of them end with a conversation with a relevant personality of the music panorama. Education, streaming and marketing are the key issues to be discussed. Here you can consult the full programming.

On Wednesday 8th, the focus is music education and how can be aligned with the music business to ensure future talents. The day concludes with Grammy Awarded artist Chilly Gonzales.

The order of the day of Thursday 9th is Getting paid as well as played and analyzes. According to The Global Music Report 2019, streaming represented 47% of the global recorded music market in 2018. This raises questions such: who are the winners and losers as the streaming market matures? How do the music and money flow from artist to service and back? or what is user-centric royalty distribution and should we have it? as well as discussing issues like blockchain music, The European Copyright Directive or the profits of streaming services. Justin Kalifowitz from Downtown Music closes the conference.

the great escape 2019


Marketing is the topic that highlights Friday 10 with Making sure people give a shit. The encountering goes around the key music marketing tools for 2019, social media, following the track of a Spotify playlist, social media and marketing content. The day concludes with a face to face with Cassandra Gracey, from 4th Floor Creative.

See you at The Great Escape

Apart from the TGE+CMU conferences, the festival organization presents the DIY Academy with early career music professionals, international speed meetings and very interesting workshops. These concern Chinese Streaming, Latin American music irruption, Middle East labels or music vs climate change.

As mentioned, the event is addressed for those music professionals eager to stay tuned of what is going on in the industry and get on the wave. That is why SonoSuite representatives will be part of the audience; to witness what happens behind the scenes. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us.


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