How it works

Digital music business made easy

Whether you’re a small record label or a consolidated music distributor with international projection, our platform helps you manage your music business easily, efficiently, with a personalized view of your everyday activity.

To show you how SonoSuite works, meet Noah, a music business owner just like you, and check out how a day at his company looks. Let's go!

Easily set up your music business

Noah starts his day with the most important task: Making sure all of his releases will be delivered on time. He uses SonoSuite’s white-label solution to:

  • Review and organize his catalog on the same platform.
  • Easily distribute to different DSPs at the same time.
  • Manage takedowns and updates whenever is needed.

Always protect your music catalog

Noah deals with numerous artists simultaneously, so he needs to ensure the catalog he distributes is protected from content infringement. The platform allows him to:

  • Check the Quality Control status of the most imminent releases.
  • Contact the clients whenever metadata corrections or additional information is required.
  • Submit any correction to our Quality Control team on the spot.

Get personalized support

Noah wants everything to run smoothly. Here’s where SonoSuite’s Support Team comes into play, offering him advice and assistance. He can:

  • Easily review his account for any support ticket from his clients by using the integrated Zendesk ticketing system.
  • Escalate tickets to SonoSuite’s support team whenever necessary.
  • Drop a personalized email to his dedicated account manager.

Organize your sales and revenues

It’s time for a checkpoint. Noah has full admin access when it comes to reporting. He can:

  • Review his month’s aggregate sales and revenues.
  • Visually compare the evolution of sales to previous periods and filter data (per label, track, DSPs).
  • Download the same reports SonoSuite gets from the DSPs to control his accounting.

Manage royalty payments in a few clicks

Noah can manage royalty payments using SonoSuite’s admin panel, which allows him to:

  • See a detailed list of all out-payment requests and inform his clients.
  • Proceed with pay-outs through the integrated payment gateways.
  • Block payments if illegitimate activity is recognized by the platform or the DSPs.

Full financial control, all in your hands

Noah gets new artists every day, so he needs full financial control of his digital distribution business. With SonoSuite he can:

  • Keep a daily track of newly created accounts and check his record of invoices.
  • Select between pay-as-you-go distribution fees or revenue share for each end-user.
  • Calculate his end-users royalty payments.

We offer a one-stop, customizable platform for independent music businesses