Women in Music: The Growing Power of Female Music Professionals (in SonoSuite and Beyond!)

As Beyoncé proclaims in her iconic anthem, “Who Run the World? Girls!”— over the past year, women have been growing their power and influence across all facets of society, including the music industry.

For decades, music has predominantly been dominated by men, and the contribution of female artists and other music professionals like producers, songwriters, and distributors, has often been undervalued.

Despite the obstacles, the past year has seen a notable rise in the power of female music professionals.

At SonoSuite, we have been and continue to be committed to playing our part in promoting gender equality and breaking the gender gap.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day and Month, we want to celebrate and highlight the achievements of women in the music industry, emphasizing their growing influence and impact.

Keep reading to find out more about the changes in digital music and the new streaming trends, where female artists take centre stage.

Plus, get to know the inspiring initiatives by SonoSuite to empower female professionals within the music tech sector.

Women in Music: The Growing Power of Female Music Professionals

Transforming music trends: Female artists gain momentum within the streaming landscape

There’s still progress to be made in achieving gender equality in the music industry.

Women in the music industry are facing numerous challenges, including limited opportunities, insufficient support, gender discrimination, unequal pay, and incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

In fact, a recent report by The Women and Equalities Committee of the UK Parliament showed that in the Summer of 2023, only 1 in 10 headliners at UK music festivals were women.

When it comes to streaming, the story now is also different.

That’s a fact: Female artists are making waves on streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, or Deezer (channels connected to SonoSuite for music catalog distribution).

With recent releases from Taylor Swift, SZA, Miley Cyrus, and other women in music, streaming of female artists in the U.S. jumped by +4.2 share points in 2023, making up 30.4% of total streaming, according to a report by Luminate.

Although there was a small decrease in 2022, the overall trend has been upward since 2019, when female artists represented 24.1%.

This growth not only diversifies the global music scene but also shows a move toward female inclusivity and empowerment.

Initiatives to Empower Female Music Professionals: The Women in SonoSuite Community, and more!

At SonoSuite, we prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment.

“Our goal is to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for women employees and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Together, we can create a more inclusive workplace where everyone can grow.” – Francisca Carreno Limone, Chief People Officer at SonoSuite.

Since March 8th, 2023, we’ve rolled out several initiatives to foster inclusivity, gender equality, and diversity in our company.

#1 – Increase opportunities for women: We’ve seen a significant 35% increase in female employees, particularly in STEM and Business Development roles, demonstrating our commitment to providing equal opportunities for women.

#2 – Training staff on addressing bias: We’ve launched ample training programs to educate and equip our staff with tools to recognize unconscious bias and promote inclusive leadership, ensuring a supportive and equitable workplace culture.

#3 – A unique community for female employees: We’ve introduced the Women in SonoSuite community, offering a platform for networking, mentorship, empowering our female employees, and promoting gender equality.

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